16 January 2009

The start of a blog...

So. This is it. The internet. Who would have thought? The whole world, or at least those who can read English and have access to the internet, can see my innermost feelings. 

Or something like that. 

A little about myself would be good, I guess. I'm unemployed, thanks to the economic downturn, and the coinciding slide in the tech industry. I'm a techie by nature, with interests in everything that electrons can do. Those versatile little bastards. I like to build things, shoot things, read, relax, and have generally have fun. I'm living my own little version of Friends right now, and other than my lack of a steady paycheck, life is pretty good. A lot of what I want to talk about will have to do with my service with the local volunteer EMS/Rescue operation, and let me tell you, as those stories trickle out, they will brings both tears and laughs.

I've been a steady consumer of blog humor and observations for some time now, and figured that with my infinite free time, I might as well try my hand at it. In the posts to come, I'm going to kind of give some insights into my life and those things that interest/trouble/intrigue/baffle me. 


  1. just saying "hi" and welcome to blogging .. i found you from AD's post.

  2. You're on the internets! Praise be to Algore! :)

  3. Just popped over from AD's to say welcome to the blogosphere.